In a night that stunned the boxing world, Ryan Garcia pulled off one of the greatest upsets in recent memory. Before an electrified crowd inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, the 25-year-old known as ‘King Ry' dethroned the undisputed light welterweight champion Devin Haney in a thrilling majority decision.

Garcia, often dismissed for his flashy lifestyle and antics on social media, silenced his critics with a career-defining performance. The heavy underdog from Victorville, California, defied expectations with a ferocious display of power and grit. He achieved what many believed impossible, dropping Haney three times throughout the action-packed twelve rounds.

The fight started tentatively, with Haney utilizing his superior technical prowess and ring generalship. Landing sharp counterpunches, Haney seemed poised to outbox Garcia. The challenger, however, had different plans. Midway through the first round, Garcia exploded with a thunderous left hook that landed squarely on Haney's jaw, sending tremors through the arena and signaling the shift in momentum.

Although Haney regained his composure, Garcia continued to press the action. Despite absorbing some heavy counter shots, he never backed down, exhibiting an unrelenting determination that surprised fight fans. His resilience paid off in the seventh round when another perfectly-timed left hook dropped an unsuspecting Haney for the first time in his professional career. The Barclays Center erupted as ‘King Ry' roared in triumph.

Sensing that a finish was within his grasp, Garcia pressed forward, landing power shots with relentless abandon. He hurt Haney several times, and although the champion managed to stay on his feet, he was clearly rattled. With every heavy connection, the pro-Garcia crowd reached a fever pitch, chanting his name.

In a breathtaking display of heart and skill, Haney somehow weathered the storm. With renewed focus, he boxed beautifully from the outside in the latter rounds, demonstrating the championship mettle that had seen him rise to the top of the sport. His movement, jab, and combinations punctuated his late-fight resurgence, securing him rounds against a visibly tiring Garcia.

As the final bell rang, it was clear that the fight was closer than the scorecards would later reveal. Tension filled the arena as fight fans and pundits alike awaited the announcement of the official result.

The judges' scorecards confirmed the shocking outcome. One judge had the fight scored a draw, 112-112. The other two judges, however, saw the fight in Garcia's favor. Their scores of 114-110 and 115-109 declared ‘King Ry' the winner giving Devin Haney his first professional loss.

The crowd exploded. Critics were silenced. The boxing world had a new star. Ryan Garcia, the social media phenomenon turned boxing sensation, had achieved the improbable.

Victory and Revelation

In the aftermath of his triumph, Garcia took to Instagram, revealing details that sent further shockwaves through the boxing community. Along with posting photos from his wild celebration, he shared a staggering detail:

“If you bet, BET ON YOURSELF

on top of what we made. EATING GOOD 🍽️

About 50 million ( probably more ) in one night not too shabby

I will let God guide me on how to use this money Amen ✝️”


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While this brazen display of confidence might seem outlandish to some, it spoke volumes about Garcia's unwavering self-belief. It also ignited criticism from certain corners of the boxing world, with some accusing him of poor sportsmanship and disrespecting his opponent.

Nevertheless, Ryan Garcia had made his mark. His audacious upset and the subsequent revelation of his side-bet solidified his status as one of boxing's most polarizing and marketable figures. The newly crowned champion had effectively silenced any doubts about his legitimacy in the ring.

Garcia's journey from internet sensation to boxing superstar is rife with contradictions. He's both a darling of the social media generation and a testament to hard work and dedication. His win over Haney, coupled with his penchant for the dramatic, guarantees that the boxing world won't be able to look away.

With titles on the line and a lucrative rematch against Haney seemingly inevitable, the Ryan Garcia story has only just begun. And whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying that ‘King Ry' is here to stay, ready to shock the world again and again.