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Saints’ Cam Jordan shares his thoughts on Tom Brady joining the NFC South

Cam Jordan, Tom Brady, Saints

The New Orleans Saints and Cam Jordan might acknowledge that the The Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerged as the winners of the sweepstakes for quarterback Tom Brady this offseason. It seems his new rivals in the NFC South are still getting accustomed to the prospect of having to face him twice a year.

The New Orleans Saints have maintained their stronghold on the division with another dominant outing in the 2019 NFL season. Defensive end Cameron Jordan said during an appearance on on Sirius XM NFL Radio that seeing Brady in a Bucs jersey is going to take some getting used to:

“What was I 9 or 10 when he first got drafted by the Patriots? I mean this is going to be super, super weird,” Jordan said.

Jordan added that while he is looking forward to the opportunity to sack Brady, he knows Tampa Bay is not to be overlooked by the Saints.

“The fact that he’ll be in my division gives me more chances to hit him, hopefully,” Jordan said. “You talk about somebody whose just been known as one of the greatest of all time for all six Super Bowls that he’s won, he’s a winner. And for that to be in my conference, I’m not excited about it. At the same time, I sort of am. I would love to welcome him to the NFC South which we’ve had the last three years. But we know the talent that he has. He has Mike Evans. He has (Chris) Godwin. He has O.J. Howard. They’ve got Bruce Arians now and now you’ve got Tom Brady so it’s just exciting for them to be in our conference.”

Jordan’s comments are certainly understandable considering many of league’s biggest stars — some with the Saints — grew up watching Brady play with the New England Patriots.

After spending his career dominating the AFC, the time has now come for the NFC and the Saints to get better acquainted with him.

As Jordan mentioned, there is certainly no shortage of firepower for Brady to work with in Tampa Bay. Fortunately, the Saints also managed to revamp their passing game by bringing back quarterback Drew Brees and signing wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

The fate of the NFC South in the 2020 NFL season could depend on how often Jordan and the Saints pass rush get to Brady.