After watching his New Orleans Saints squad drop a stunner to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 2, Dennis Allen was understandably asked about what went wrong and who, he felt, was responsible for the all-out brawl that effectively shifted the momentum into Tampa Bay's direction.

Allen blamed the loss on turnovers, lamented his team's poor play, and, curiously enough, pointed to one player in particular as the cause of the on-field street fight: Leonard Fournette.

“You see those things happen all the time,” Allen told the media as per ESPN Saints reporter Katherine Terrell. “What I'd like to see is Marshon not retaliate. I believe it was Leonard Fournette, not 100 percent positive, I believe he was the first one to kind of push and shove Lattimore. … Usually, they don't get the instigator, they get the responder. I think what happened after that was a little bit excessive. We'll see how that goes.”

When you want back the tape, Fournette is heavily involved in the opening moments of the altercation, though Brady appears to have taken more offense with something Lattimore said than the OSU product worried about what his fellow first-round pick said.

Allen was also asked if Jameis Winston's back impacted his on-field product, to which he wasn't sure.

“I didn't really see that necessarily. Again, that's probably a question for him. … That's a good defense that we played. … There's a couple of throws I think he missed that typically he wouldn't. We'll have to evaluate the tape.”

After dropping such a stunning affair, it's understandable that there would be more questions than answers.