One of the stories that has surprisingly flown under the radar over the last months is the arrest of New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara. The star running back was arrested back in February when he assaulted a man in Las Vegas amid the Pro Bowl. Since then, Kamara has dodged a suspension while court proceedings were ongoing.

Ahead of Alvin Kamara's scheduled court hearing, new footage of the running back's assault was leaked by TMZ. The video shows the Saints star and his group beating up a man. The video, which is one minute long, all but confirms the allegations lobbied against Kamara.

The victim has already filed a lawsuit against Alvin Kamara for his and his friends assault on the man. According to the lawsuit, the assault stemmed from an argument between the man and the Saints star's group. Kamara has reportedly admitted to the assault after his arrest during the Pro Bowl last February.

The league hasn't handed out a suspension for Kamara just yet, waiting for the results of the legal proceedings. With the release of this video, though, the league might be more pressured to suspend the Saints star. This is, after, unacceptable behavior from one of the best players in the league.

The Saints are scheduled to play on Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Kamara should be available to play for them for that game, barring a sudden suspension from the NFL. Considering the past punishment handed to other players that committed assault, expect a heavy punishment to be handed to the star at some point.