President Donald Trump believes that Drew Brees is going to regret his recent statements when he changed his tune on the national anthem controversy. Trump has been very vocal about his thoughts on kneeling during the national anthem. But with Brees, he thinks that he gave in to the pressure from other players.

“I was shocked,” Trump said via Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. “I think he hurt himself very badly and I was going to put out that I think he’ll regret that in future years. . . . I don’t believe he believes his second statement.”

Those comments come a day after Trump went onto Fox News and went after Brees and the national anthem. Trump told Sean Hannity that when the national anthem is played, everyone should be standing with their hands over their heart.

“When the national anthem plays and our flag, the great American flag, is raised, you should not be kneeling,” Trump told Sean Hannity via Pro Football Talk. “You should be standing, ideally with your hand on your heart or saluting. But they should not be kneeling.

Trump seems to be sticking to the idea that the anthem should be stood for, even if others are changing their minds. He said if players do kneel during the anthem, Trump believes they will lose a lot of fans.

“But you have to stand when the flag goes up. And I think they’ll lose a lot of fans and a lot of support in the NFL. That already happened before. I thought they learned their lesson. But I think it’s gonna happen again.”

Even if Trump believes it's going to lose fans, that clearly isn't going to stop players who have already decided they will be making a stand during the anthem by kneeling.