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Drew Brees agrees to two-year deal with New Orleans

Drew Brees, Saints

That didn’t last long. Only hours after it being rumored to being close to done, Drew Brees has inked a new deal with the New Orleans Saints. According to those in the know, the new deal is for two years, worth roughly 50 million American dollars.

For those unaware, that’s a lot of money. Heck, that’s 49.9 million more American dollars than I’ll ever make in my lifetime. Insert the sad face emoji here. “Why can’t I hurl a football around with great accuracy,” a lame scribe laments.

I am that lame scribe.

Anyway, this is supposedly a bit of a discount, as Drew Brees would like the New Orleans Saints to build around him for one last go at a Super Bowl. Obviously, only time will tell how the franchise uses that extra money — and if they do, if it goes on the offensive or defensive side of the football.

Nevertheless, given the age of our aforementioned hero, it appears as though Drew Brees will finish his playing career with the Saints.

Eat that, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots!

What will be interesting, however, is just how much gas Drew Brees has left in the tank. Clearly, the Saints are hoping at least enough to last two more years.