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Saints QB Drew Brees declines to comment on his future

Drew Brees, Saints

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees will turn 41 in just a couple of days. With the season now over for Brees and the Saints, that brings up a pretty obvious question.

How much longer will the quarterback be playing? Could he retire now? Or does he have another season in him? Maybe even a few more seasons.

Of course, this will be one of the biggest topics of conversation when it comes to Brees for quite some time. Until he makes a definitive decision on his future, that will be the big talking point.

Not only is Brees at the age where you wouldn’t be surprised by retirement, but he’s a free agent. So even if he does decide to keep playing, there is no guarantee that it happens in New Orleans.

At this time though, Drew Brees is not discussing the position he is in. According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, the quarterback refuses to comment on his future.

“I’m not making any comments on that, other than, you know, I’ve told you guys this for the last couple years, I’ve always just taken it one year at a time and kind of reevaluate each offseason, and find the things I want to get better at, and move on,” Brees told reporters after the 26-20 loss.”

The response is pretty obvious and simple. Brees is not sure what he’s doing yet. As he says, he likes to take time and evaluate the situation after each season. So he’s probably going to want to take some time and figure everything out.

With that in mind, this likely is not a decision we will be hearing about on Monday. In a few weeks? Sure, that’s a possibility. But as of right now, everyone needs to be patient and let Drew Brees come to a decision on his own.

Even when that decision comes through, it not stop. Is he heading back to New Orleans? Or moving on to a new city. This is something that will likely be talked about for quite some time, so buckle up.