Saints news: New Orleans open to bringing Dez Bryant back in 2019
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Saints open to bringing Dez Bryant back in 2019

Dez Bryant

As cruel fate would have it, Dez Bryant didn’t even end up playing a single game for the New Orleans Saints. After waiting so long to sign with a new team, Bryant quickly went down with a serious Achilles injury, which is expected to keep him out for around eight months.

But while Bryant will not play for the Saints this season, it doesn’t mean that he’ll never do so. That’s because the Saints are open to bringing Bryant back next season if he recovers sufficiently from his injury, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Sources tell, the Saints would be open to Bryant coming back, though this is contingent upon the receiver being healthy.

Bryant faces a long road back after this serious injury. There was already a lot of talk that he’d lost a good chunk of the athleticism he once had, and this new injury is not going to make things much better.

Although, Bryant could take some encouragement in how Richard Sherman has been able to recover from his Achilles tear. The former All-Pro corner has returned from his injury to continue playing at a high level this season.

It remains to be seen whether Bryant, who had already been on the decline during his last few years with the Cowboys, can make the same type of recovery as Sherman did. But if he does, he may not have as hard a time finding a team next year with the Saints open to having him back.