Saints news: Zach Wood is officially the lowest-rated player in Madden 20
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Saints long-snapper Zach Wood is officially the lowest-rated player in Madden 20


The Madden 20 ratings were officially released not long ago, and with it comes having fun with the highest and lowest rated players. Speaking of the lowest rating player – according to Michael David Smith of, New Orleans Saints long-snapper Zach Wood took the honor with a 36 overall.

I was actually talking about this just yesterday. Remember the fake letter from Ethan Albright? The Washington Redskins long-snapper that was rated 53 overall one season?

That spurned a fake letter where Albright ripped into Madden with a profanity-laced letter making fun of how low the rating was.

That 53 rating is 17 higher than Wood. Imagine the letter a fake Zach Wood could write.

36 seems aggressively low. I know he’s a long-snapper but that’s just ridiculous. How bad do you have to think someone is to give them a 36? Can he move? Does he know what 2+2 is? Has he ever seen or heard of a football before? All those should automatically qualify you for at least a 40 overall.

However, Zach Wood hasn’t publicly complained yet and good for him. I’m sure if he made some noise Madden would gladly bump it up a little bit (players have successfully done this in the past). Maybe he just doesn’t care though. I know if it was me I’d probably just be happy to be in a game that I played when I was younger.

Then again, a 36 might get to me a little bit. That’s almost like someone’s mad at him. They wanted to punish him for something. Maybe in the coming days we’ll learn that Wood once made fun of the person who creates the rating’s haircut or something.