The New Orleans Saints have a lot of questions to answer with training camp going on. First of all, their quarterback position battle is an interesting one. Then comes the situation regarding talented wide receiver Michael Thomas.

Thomas had posted a cryptic Tweet after reports circulated over the weekend that he had been ignoring calls from the Saints organization.

In turn, Thomas' name has been rumored in potential trade talks if he is in fact tired of playing for the Saints. Well, there is one major hang-up in any potential Thomas deal.

That is a ton of money to eat up if they do decide to part ways with Thomas. Apart from that, dealing Thomas would leave a major hole at wide receiver, especially after Emmanuel Sanders went to Buffalo in the offseason.

If the relationship between the Saints and Thomas is too tough to work out, then they might have no choice but to deal him and end up eating all that money.

The hope is that doesn't have to happen, so it will be worth monitoring to see what happens with Thomas and the Saints. For now, he is out after undergoing surgery, and is expected to be out for a good chunk of the start of the regular season.