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Sands of Aura Release Date: When is Sands of Aura coming out?

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A new open-world, action-adventure role-playing game (RPG) is emerging from the sands. After three years of development, Sands of Aura‘s release is right around the corner, bringing dark and fantastic elements alongside challenging, souls-like combat.

Sands of Aura Release Date: October 21, 2021

Sands of Aura‘s release date is on October 21, 2021, coming out on Steam as an early access launch. The PC game is developed by Chashu Entertainment and published by Freedom Games.

Carrying an apocalyptic feel to its storyline, Sands of Aura begins with a tormented god unleashing a ruinous cataclysm upon the fantasy world called Talamhel. With the shattering of the hourglass of time, its essence submerged the land in an endless sea of sand. The buried world becomes as good as dust—dying and dirty—run by corrupt and violent soldiers.

But a few righteous figures still remain. Known as the last protectors of man, the Order of Remnant Knights seek to return Talamhel to its former glory. To destroy the persisting evils, players sail across the perilous sandseas on a nimble ship called the grainwake, exploring the open world where every island presents a unique challenge. There, the terrorizing antagonists come in various shapes and forms, including hordes of insectoids called Hashara and doomsday cultists.

Sands of Aura also offers tiered levels of difficulty and a unique weapon crafting system. Players can combine several weapon types, starting out by picking out a weapon handle or hilt, and acquire one of seven distinct fighting styles. With armor sets and magical augments, the build is highly customizable and personalized.

Besides the engaging storyline and brutal combat, players can also look forward to an original symphonic soundtrack to make Talamhel come alive. Or rather, make it as dead and desolate as the premise paints it to be. It’s not long now til players get to explore the sandy, wounded world in desperate need of heroics.