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Brian Schottenheimer’s bold message for Russell Wilson’s critics

Russell Wilson, Brian Schottenheimer, Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer thinks some are still sleeping on what he can do.

Schottenheimer admitted that when he got to Seattle a few years ago, he knew what Wilson could do, but he was blown away by all the little things that he could do so well:

“When I first got out here, I thought Russ was a good player,” said Schottenheimer on the Pick Six NFL Podcast. “I never, obviously, had done anything with him in terms of watching him really work and I thought he was a good player. I thought he was a guy that was going to scramble around and make plays and improvise and all those things that he does. When I got here and I saw his ability to throw the football, not just down the field, but accurately. We call it ball placement. He’s able to put the ball exactly where you want it. Not just to where the guy can catch it, but I mean exactly where you want it and I was quite honestly blown away. I was surprised.”

Schottenheimer also doesn’t think that people underestimate Wilson, rather that they just manage to overlook just how special of a talent he truly is:

“Unless you truly love the Seahawks and watch the Seahawks, I think what he does just comes so naturally and easy that people underestimate him. I know one thing, I’m thrilled and excited about 2020 because I think the chatter about the MVP votes will motivate him. He is ready to work. He’s always ready to work, but he’s the wrong guy to doubt. He’s the wrong guy to say, ‘Nah, he can’t do that.” He will carry a grudge and he will work his ass off to make it go.”

Some seem to take Wilson for granted, which makes them not look at the little details. Schottenheimer also doesn’t mind the people who are overlooking Wilson or talking about other quarterbacks ahead of him.

Wilson will use that tock as motivation to have an even bigger 2020 season, which should be scary for the rest of the league as the Seahawks try to once again battle at the top of the NFC.