Seahawks news: Chris Carson 'ways away' from reporting to training camp
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Chris Carson a ‘ways away’ from reporting to training camp

Chris Carson Seahawks

Amid a family tragedy, Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson is a “ways away” from reporting to training camp, according to head coach Pete Caroll.

Reports reveal that Carson will be away indefinitely to deal with personal matters involving death in his family. Caroll shared his sympathies with the running back. He reiterated that Carson’s absence is a personal matter and not related to the season-ending hip fracture he suffered last December.

“Chris has got some family stuff going on that he’s had to take care of,” Carroll told The News’ Tribune’s Gregg Bell. “Our hearts go out to Chris. He’s going through some really big stuff with family members that he is looking after and taking care of. He’s fine, and all that. It has nothing to do with Chris (himself), personally, physically or anything. But he has to do this, at this time, right now.”

Given that it’s a family matter, Caroll is unsure of the timeline of Carson’s return to the Seahawks. He pointed out, however, that it won’t be anytime soon. Either way, the team will be behind Carson’s back no matter what.

“I’m not sure how many more days it’s going to be before he takes care of all of that business,” Carroll added. “But they are trying to figure it all out. It’s back home. …It’s a ways away. So we’ve got some things to work out. And we are in full support of what he’s got to get done.”

Initial reports reveal that Carson will is in line to start in the Seahawks’ opening game on Sept. 13 at Atlanta. But given this development, it’ll be a matter of wait-and-see.