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Seahawks WR DK Metcalf sounds off on opponents ‘talking sh-t’ against him

DK Metcalf, Seahawks

DK Metcalf got himself into some tense situations in their first two games of the season. The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver was flagged four times in their last two game. He was also called for taunting during their opening game against the Colts, and the 15-yard penalty on the kickoff led to a Colts touchdown.

Metcalf himself realizes that his opponents are trying to get under his skin, but the Seahawks WR welcomes the challenge. (via ESPN)

“‘They can’t stop me any other way or stop Tyler [Lockett] any other way. So the best thing they can do is just try to talk stuff to me.’

Or, as he more colorfully put it when asked what teams are doing differently against him in Year 3: ‘Talking s—. That’s it.'”

Seahawks coach Pete Caroll commented that Metcalf was simply just trying too hard to have an impact, and that led to his errors. Metcalf himself agreed with that statement, saying that:

“He’s completely right… I’m an emotional person. I play with a competitive edge and I’m not trying to lose anything whether that’s an argument or a route, anything. So I’m just going to compete my butt off … get close to the line but don’t cross it.”

Metcalf is a physical player, even by NFL standards, and he’s learning how to control his physicality and his emotions. Despite injuring his knee against the Tennessee Titans in Week 2, the Seahawks WR is still raring to go. Hopefully, DK Metcalf can harness his aggression well and lead the Seahawks to victory against the Minnesota Vikings come Monday Night.