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Seahawks QB Geno Smith reacts to crucial fumble that lost game vs. Steelers

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It was another nail-biter for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night and again they fell short. This time, it was in overtime to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Seattle started with the ball in the extra session but ended up punting it away before getting the ball back with another chance. On that second life, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith was strip sacked by TJ Watt as he tried moving up in the pocket to make a play with his legs. The Steelers would go on to win the game on a field goal shortly after. Per NFL.com, Smith is putting the loss on his shoulders.

“We can’t keep coming up short. I can’t keep coming up short. Back-to-back weeks, our defense gave me the ball and gave us a chance to go out and score,” Smith said. “That’s solely on me, and I have to be better…

“That last drive, I was thinking, ‘just take it down and score, somehow, someway.’ I put that on myself.”

For what it’s worth, the now starting quarterback for the Seahawks played pretty well for Seattle after a super slow start for the offense. Head coach Pete Carroll seemed to echo those thoughts.

“I thought he played tough as hell,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said of Smith. “He was clear and calm and poised exactly like you hope he’d be. The game was not too big for him at all.”

Another primetime game awaits the Seahawks as they will welcome in the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football in Week 7.