Seahawks news: Paxton Lynch says Seattle more friendly than Broncos
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Paxton Lynch says Seahawks more friendly environment than Broncos

paxton lynch

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Paxton Lynch played less than three seasons with the Denver Broncos but he got a good feel for the fans in the Mile High City, and he is enjoying the time with his new squad.

Reflecting on the differences between the two teams Lynch thinks the Seahawks have a more family environment and that is something he is enjoying.

“It feels closer, it feels like a family,” Lynch said via Curtis Crabtree of Pro Football Talk. “I bring my fiancé out here, I bring my dad out here and they even say it too, they feel so much more welcome around everybody. They’re so good to them, they treat them so good, they treat the players good so, it feels good, it feels like you’re a part of the family. It feels like everybody’s close.”

Lynch’s comments did raise a few eyebrows around the Broncos organization and general manager John Elway defended his team’s culture.

“I don’t know how Seattle runs things,” Elway said“I’ve never been in their camp, just played against them. But I feel comfortable with where we are as far as being friendly. I will say this: If you don’t have success, nothing is very friendly, and when he was in Denver he didn’t have a lot of success there. So therefore, I can understand in his mind why it was not a very pleasant stay in Denver. And it’s too bad it happened. I’m glad he’s getting another shot up here, and it’d be nice to see him have some success.”

Lynch is competing for the backup job against Geno Smith and he was impressive in his first preseason game with the Seahawks. He finished the game going 11-15 throwing for 109 yards and one touchdown.