Seahawks news: Pete Carroll claims Seattle 'killed it' during the offseason
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Pete Carroll claims Seattle ‘killed it’ during the offseason

Seattle Sehawks

All of the NFL offseasons were virtual this year, but Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is happy with how the team did, going as far as claiming they “killed it.”Even though there was a lot of uniqueness to the offseason, Carroll believes his team blew expectations out of the water.

“We killed it during the offseason in a way I couldn’t envision it going as well as it did,” Carroll said via Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. “It went great, and we accomplished a lot, and we’re smarter than we’ve ever been. The transition we make now will be huge.”

There had to be some concern heading into the offseason, but Carroll believes even though it was all virtual, they got a lot accomplished that is going to help them once the regular season starts.

“Who would have thought that we could come out of the offseason and say that this was an extraordinary offseason – learning and teaching and concepts, and then all of the social stuff and personal stuff we dealt with has been so challenging, but necessary. Hopefully, we’re really going to make a turn here that’s extraordinary. There’s so much happening, even though we’ve been sitting at home! It’s just amazing.”

The good news for the Seahawks is everyone else in the NFL dealt with the circumstances. With a veteran offense led by Russell Wilson, the Seahawks should be in better shape than some of the teams who just drafted a quarterback like the Cincinnati Bengals. This still has to transition to the regular season but it’s clear Pete Carroll has high expectations.