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Serge Ibaka’s Long Lost Daughter

Serge Ibaka was taken by surprise in a way no one could have expected. Just after the 2012 NBA Finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder power forward found out he had a daughter from an old relationship a decade ago.

When Ibaka was 17 living in the Republic of Congo, his father was informed that Serge impregnated a family friend. Rather than letting his son know about this shocking news, Desire Ibaka (Serge’s father) instead chose to keep this a secret. He knew his son had huge potential in the NBA, and raising a daughter while attaining glory in basketball seemed unfeasible in Desire’s eyes.

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However, once Serge Ibaka made a name for himself in the NBA, his father finally told him about Ranie, his daughter. Last year, the family finally decided it would be best for Ranie to finally live with her father to get an education in the United States.

When Ibaka first met his daughter, he was nervous and scared; he didn’t know what to do. Despite the anxiety, Ibaka is the type of person who wants meaningful change in the world. To give his daughter the world meant so much to him.

“I wanted to make sure she has a better life than me. A better life than I had in the Congo,” Serge Ibaka said.

Even his teammates have seen the small family shine while getting to know one another.

“They’re always laughing, always smiling at each other,” said Kevin Durant. “You can just tell they’re both so happy that they’re reunited and it’s just amazing to see.”

The struggles of raising a child are certainly taxing, but the amount of love shared between this NBA star and daughter seems like a connection worth reuniting.

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