Former NFL tight end turned sports media personality Shannon Sharpe is opening up about his exit from FS1's Undisputed with fellow sports talking head Skip Bayless. Sharpe departed the show following this year's NBA Finals and is now revealing more about the aspects of Bayless's behavior that helped him make his decision.

Sharpe recently stopped by the Stephen A. Smith show (starring, you guessed it, Sharpe's current First Take cohost Stephen A. Smith) to discuss the exit.

“I felt in that moment [Skip Bayless] had lost all respect for me, he had no respect for me,” said Sharpe. “…it really, really hurt me.”

The moment in question occurred back in December when Bayless insinuated that Sharpe was jealous of Tom Brady's success and even went so far as to flatly tell Sharpe that he was not as good of a player as Brady.

Understandably, Sharpe, a bona fide NFL legend in his own right, was not a huge fan of being disrespected straight to his face on national television, and many suspected that the incident played a major role in his ultimate decision to leave.

Recently, Shannon Sharpe joined Smith on ESPN's First Take to discuss a variety of sports topics, most of them pertaining to the NFL and college football. Of course, Smith and Bayless originally conceptualized the sports debate talk show with their original rendition of First Take, which aired until Bayless and Sharpe formed Undisputed in 2016.

While Skip Bayless has always been known for his propensity to sometimes cross the line, his blatant disrespect of Sharpe ultimately cost him his long-time cohost.