Shannon Sharpe has been very vocal about working on Fox Sports 1's “Undisputed” since his departure in June. However, the Hall of Fame tight end's latest comments about working with Skip Bayless on the debate program have all sports fans scratching their heads. Sharpe said on “The Stephen A. Smith Show Podcast” that he and Bayless didn't have a relationship off-camera because Skip treated the debates themselves like a competition


“Skip would get to work, I would get to work. I was in my dressing room, he was in his dressing room. It was really like a heavyweight fight. We barely talked. I mean…honest to God. We might say hello. We might go the bathroom…if we're passing each other in the bathroom…'Hello'…that was it. It was not a carry-on conversation. It was very little communication.”

Stephen A. asked why there was little communication between the two hosts. Sharpe responded, “Well, I take my cue from him. He was not a guy that was very talkative in the mornings. During the breaks, he would get up and leave. after a couple of times of seeing that, I'm seeing that he's in a mode; he's in a zone in which he doesn't want to be bothered. He's treating this like an actual game.”

Sharpe's comments on the podcast explain why he left the show after 7 years. The lack of communication surely exacerbated the tense moments between them such as Shannon and Skip's animated debate about Baker Mayfield, Skip alleging that Shannon was jealous of Tom Brady, and the infamous argument between Skip & Shannon after Demar Hamlin's life-threatening injury in the Bills late-season Monday Night Football matchup against the Bengals.

It seems as if Shannon Sharpe is in a better work environment with Stephen A. Smith on First Take. As the duo's chemistry grows on Mondays and Tuesdays, the ratings will grow even higher and further dwarf Undisputed.