Shaquille O'Neal takes another dig at the Balls, says he's the "Original Baller'
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Shaquille O’Neal takes another dig at the Balls, says he’s the “Original Baller’

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Big human being and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has been away from the game since 2011, but that’s not hampering him from grabbing headlines. Always with a gregarious personality, O’Neal never fails to entertain his fans with his antics and jokes — sometimes at the expense of other people.

This time, it’s LaVar Ball and his family that was made a target by O’Neal, who put up a jeering post on Instagram, which shows him wearing his old Los Angeles Lakers uniform with an accompanying group of hashtags that includes “#originalbigballer”.

It’s easily a dig at the Balls, whose head, LaVar, recently said that he and his son, LaMelo, “would kill Shaq and Shareef” in a 2-on-2 game. Shareef, of course, is Shaq’s son, who is expected to play college basketball with the Arizona Wildcats next year.

If it don't fit then u must quit #originalbigballer #howmanyparadesdidwehave #howmanyrings #imretired #hecanneverbeatme

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This wasn’t the first shots fired by O’Neal towards the Ball family, as he lately had an Instagram video post where he’s seen dancing and sporting a seizure-inducing glowing pair of shoes that he described in a hashtag as “#shaqshoestherealbigballerbrand”.

By now, LaVar must have gotten the message loud and clear: you come at the Big Diesel, you best not miss.