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Nilou Guide: Should you pull for Nilou in Genshin Impact?

Nilou Guide, Should you pull for Nilou, Genshin Impact Nilou

If you’ve played the recent Archon quests of Sumeru, you would’ve already met Nilou, a breathtaking dancer and Hydro sword-user from the capital. In version 3.1, she finally appears in her own 5-star limited banner, which many players have been anticipating since her first appearance in the game. In this Nilou Guide, we will be discussing her strengths, weaknesses, and whether she’s worth pulling for or not.

Nilou Guide: Why You Should Pull for Nilou

Nilou is the newest addition to the list of Hydro characters with innate Hydro Infusion in their base kit, along with Childe and Ayato. These three characters even almost play so alike, with their infusion-granting ability tied to their Elemental Skill. What sets Nilou apart from others is her scaling that relies solely on HP, whereas Childe relies on ATK, while Ayato relies on both ATK and HP. This lets her effectively serve as either a support who can tank hits when needed, or a juggernaut-like carry who can hit quite hard. 

Nilou’s two-hit burst also lets her act as a potent burst DPS, especially for many teams who rely on burst rotations like swap comps.

Here are a couple more reasons why Nilou is worth pulling for:

  1. You like Nilou’s design and/or gameplay.
  2. You prefer her over Childe and Ayato.
  3. You want to try out the unique and complex mechanic of her Elemental Skill. 
  4. You want a Hydro support who can effectively produce Dendro reactions. 

Why you should skip this banner

At this point of the game, the general power level of typical builds has skyrocketed and a lot of what hasn’t worked before can now be considered viable for the hardest content. Nilou’s power is definitely viable for all content, but not really noteworthy in the grand scheme of things. There are too many Hydro characters that offer more damage or utility, which are currently even at the top of the meta, so Nilou’s place in the tier lists isn’t quite secured. 

Kokomi stands as the comfiest Hydro support with her long-lasting hyper-healing Hydro turret, and the ability to buff allies with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers weapon and Tenacity of the Millelith artifact set. Yelan and Xingqiu are irreplaceable supports for Hu Tao and other Vaporise carries like Yoimiya and Xiangling. Childe is still incomparable when it comes to chamber speedruns. 

If you’re simply looking for characters that can destroy the hardest content with ease, Nilou might not be your cup of tea.

Here are more reasons why you might want to skip this one:

  1. You don’t like Nilou’s design and/or gameplay.
  2. You feel like she’s too difficult or janky to play.
  3. You want to save for the upcoming Dendro Archon banner. 
  4. You don’t have characters or teams that synergize well with Nilou.


Nilou’s role as a damage-oriented Hydro applicator puts her in a tough spot; She has the potential to deal a lot of damage, but she requires a major investment or the focus of a whole team of four. Despite her caveats, her animations and voice lines are sure to charm countless players who manage to see her dance (and clear out mobs). If you end up picking her anyway thanks to this Nilou guide, we also have our Nilou build guide here for the optimal weapons and artifacts and team compositions for Nilou in Genshin Impact.

While Nilou will also be debuting during Genshin Impact version 3.1, she won’t be coming out until the second phase of this patch, which will be coming out on October 15, 2022.