Yelan finally arrives in Genshin Impact, making her long-awaited debut in the game in Genshin Impact version 2.7.

Yelan’s mysterious identity has been a hot topic for most of the player base during these past few months, but it’s no surprise as she sneaks her way towards the spotlight of Genshin Impact’s next update. Coming in Version 2.7, Yelan will become the game’s newest 5-star character, following Kamisato Ayato’s release in 2.6. Yelan’s eye-catching appearance seemingly complements her unpredictable personality, but her true strength only appears once you get her to join your party. 

Yelan Overview and Abilities

Yelan is a 5-star Hydro bow-wielder, adept at weaving in and out of combat, while providing tons of elemental support while off the field. Her Elemental Skill lets her move at breakneck speeds, passing through foes, marking them and knocking them back after her dash ends. Her Elemental Burst is an improved version of Xingqiu’s, with superior damage scaling that takes advantage of Yelan’s great baseline stats. Yelan seems to be a solution to the metagame being too reliant on Xingqiu’s Burst, which is good for players who prefer playing Vaporise comps.

Yelan’s Elemental Burst is Lingering Lifeline. When tap-activated, the skill lets her move forward briefly. When hold-activated, this allows her to sprint swiftly and pass through enemies for a short duration, marking any enemy touched by her sprint. After the sprint ends, marked enemies are knocked back and take massive damage. 

Because there’s no difference between the cooldowns of tap and hold activation, you should try to always use the hold version of the skill. This skill scales purely from Yelan’s Max HP, which is ideal for pure HP builds. 

Yelan’s Elemental Skill is Depth-Clarion Dice. When activated, she creates an explosion of Hydro around her, and summons an Exquisite Throw that performs coordinated attacks with the character on the field.

This ability is extremely similar to Xingqiu’s Rain Swords, and it’s safe to say that Yelan is a 5-star version of Xingqiu, based on their play styles and usage. This allows her to replace Xingqiu on teams where he usually is, but with some adjustments. Since Xingqiu is a big part of the current metagame, having Yelan alongside Xingqiu is beneficial for those running multiple Vaporize teams in the Spiral Abyss.

Best Weapon Build for Yelan

Aqua Simulacra – Lv 90 – 542 ATK – 88.2 Crit DMG

Yelan’s signature weapon. This one possesses below average ATK, but has the highest Crit DMG for any weapon in the game. Since all of Yelan’s abilities scale off of her HP, the weapon’s low ATK is not an issue. The weapon’s passive also synergizes perfectly with her, as it provides more HP and damage at all times. This is definitely her best-in-slot weapon when it comes to damage output.

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Elegy For The End – Lv 90 – 608 ATK – 55.1 Energy Recharge

This is not Yelan’s signature weapon, but if you managed to get this from Ayato Weapon Banner, you already have the best supporting weapon for Yelan. Aside from having a large amount of Energy Recharge to sustain her Burst, the passive effect of providing 100 EM and 20% ATK to her team is invaluable for her best team comps.

Fading Twilight – Lv 90 – 565 ATK – 30.6 Energy Recharge

Obtainable during a future event in Version 2.7, this weapon is the definitive free-to-play weapon for Yelan. It’s a middle ground between Aqua Simulacra and Elegy of the End, as it both provides Energy Recharge and a good damage boost for Yelan’s abilities. 

Best Artifact Sets for Yelan

  • 4-Piece Emblem of Severed Fate –  Nearly all of Yelan’s damage output comes from her Elemental Burst, so it’s no surprise that this artifact set is the best one for her damage output. Despite Yelan’s amazing energy yield, a strong amount of Energy Recharge is still quite important to have, to make her easily fit in many compositions.For the main stats, it is mandatory to equip HP sands, Hydro DMG goblet, and Crit circlet. For the substats, here is the priority: Crit DMG = Crit Rate > Energy Recharge > HP. Try to prioritize Energy Recharge over HP for substats since we’re getting the bulk of our HP from the sands’ main stat.
  • 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige – There might be a case that you have a better 4-piece set of Noblesse Oblige instead of ESF, and it’s common knowledge that farming a good 4-piece set of any artifact is definitely easier said than done. If this happens to you, it’s still okay to equip a great Noblesse set over a suboptimal ESF set. This is also useful if your teams still lack a Noblesse holder. However, you should keep trying to obtain a good ESF set because of Yelan’s damage potential.

Team Composition Guide for Valley  Orchid

Raiden National Team (Yelan Version) – Yelan (instead of Xingqiu), Raiden, Xiangling, Bennett

This is probably the best Yelan team comp the moment she comes out, knowing that Raiden National is top meta for quite a long time. This team is perfect for killing bosses and heavyweights, thanks to the obscene damage of Vaporize and Overload. However, this might not be suitable when fighting waves of lightweight enemies, since they get knocked around by the constant Overload reactions. If you’re planning to learn how to run this lineup, there are multiple guides online available, since it’s not a simple comp that can be explained in a couple of paragraphs.

Hu Tao Double Geo Vaporize (Yelan Version) – Yelan (instead of Xingqiu), Hu Tao, Albedo, Zhongli

The classic Hu Tao comp, but with the addition of Yelan. This team is arguably the tankiest meta composition of all time, with three characters (Hu Tao, Zhongli, Yelan) that massively scale from HP stacking. Yelan’s role in the team is providing constant Vaporize procs for Hu Tao, the same way Xingqiu does since Hu Tao’s release. The Geo tandem provides resistance shred and shields for Hu Tao, making her stay comfortably below 50% HP, for optimal damage.

That wraps up our coverage of Yelan, the newest 5-Star to arrive on Genshin Impact. Watch out for the official Special Program Livestream happening today on the official Genshin Impact channels.