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Sixers’ Ben Simmons goes on passionate rant directed at his haters

Ben Simmons, Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons sat down for an exclusive interview with Tyler Tynes of GQ and touched on a bunch of topics. The interviewer, who revealed to be from Philly, asked the dynamic Sixers guard what he thinks about his naysayers.

It’s safe to say Simmons gave quite a lovely message to his haters. He also piggybacked on Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green’s claims that most people who talk about basketball don’t actually know the sport.

Ben: The thing with people is that they think they know something soooo well. And this guy thinks he knows basketball sooo well. And that may be because he watches the games but does he really know the game? Did he grow up playing the game? Has he been in different situations, has he run the point guard position, has he played at this level? Like, everybody wants to feel like they know the game. And that’s just not the case. Draymond [Green] says it all the time. That’s not the case. Not everybody knows everything about something or as much as they think they know.

Simmons added that the critics don’t bother him, especially since the Sixers stand at No. 1 in their conference.

And for me? I can’t worry about that. Because, right now, we’re first [in the Eastern Conference]. If I was doing something completely wrong, I don’t think we’d be in this position. Right now, we’re sitting first. And hopefully gonna end first this season. As long as I keep my mind straight and focus on the things I need to do for my team, and teammates, then we’re fine.

Simmons also admitted he read a ton of what people had to say about him during his early days in the league. Now, in his fifth season with the Sixers and with the chatter growing louder, the Aussie has managed to do well in terms of blocking out all the noise.