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Sixers’ Ben Simmons hit with James Harden truth bomb by Kendrick Perkins

Ben Simmons Sixers 76ers trade James Harden Kendrick Perkins

It’s only a matter of time before Ben Simmons ultimately gets sent packing from the Philadelphia 76ers. The where and when, however, feel far from being resolved.

The latest news is that the Sixers star may not show up for training camp at all, which the team can punish with a rather hefty fine. ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins recently weighed in on the matter, bringing up another formerly disgruntled star in James Harden.

“Look, if James Harden had to start the season off in a Rockets uniform, I don’t know what makes Ben Simmons think he’s gonna have anything different. His trade value is not there.

When you hear the organization of the 76ers come out and say ‘hey, we’re not trading Ben. We’re going to keep him on the roster until we find something that benefits us as well.’ That means they’re willing to wait it out. I believe he will be with the Philadelphia 76ers come opening night.”

The Ben Simmons and James Harden situations may not be perfectly aligned to the tee, but Perkins does make an interesting point there. Harden is a bigger star than Simmons and therefore much easier to be move, and yet he still suited up for the Rockets. With Simmons’ trade value being where it is, there’s not much incentive for the Sixers to rush into things if the right deal isn’t in place just yet.

But given that Rich Paul and Klutch Sports have a hand in the proceedings, Ben Simmons’ camp may very well go nuclear and opt to stick it to the Sixers regardless of the money foregone. Only time will tell.

This Sixers soap opera is definitely building towards a wild finale. Just like any good show, who comes out on top in the end remains a total mystery.