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Sixers coach Brett Brown knew his job was not in jeopardy prior to facing Raptors

brett brown

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown did not have to fear for his job as he coached his team through the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Toronto Raptors, as owner Josh Harris said he gave the Sixers helmsman job security as the series went along.

“Brett knew through the Toronto series that his job was not in jeopardy,” said Harris, according to Sarah Todd of The Philadelphia Inquirer. “We’re very supportive of Brett. Brett is not coaching for his job”

Harris wouldn’t commit to saying whether Brown would have this job security until the end of his term in 2022, but it looks like the plan is to continue with him as he announced the coach will be returning to the sidelines next season.

Many thought Brown was unable to muster this team’s full potential, as the Sixers traded for not one, but two star-caliber players to help them get through the postseason.

The Sixers only managed to get a few steps ahead, still being dealt a second round exit, but coming only three points shy of an Eastern Conference Finals appearance.

Brown, however, has had to adjust his offense and game plan upon landing Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, ensuring that there’s a democratic shot distribution and one that would favor the team’s chemistry. He went from having two stars to four in one lineup — not an easy task. All of these were factors Harris and management considered when evaluating his job.

Besides, it was Brown who stuck through “The Process” and coached this team, even during their early struggles coming up through a slew of draft picks. Staying for at least one more season only seems fair, given the strict time he’s had to adjust his troops for such high stakes.