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Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo wants more talent but it doesn’t have to be a free agent

Bryan Colangelo

This summer is going to be one of the biggest summers in franchise history for the Philadelphia 76ers as they try to take that next step forward, and get closer to winning the NBA title. General Manager Bryan Colangelo does know this.

When the season ended, Sixers head coach Brett Brown said that the team was one free agent away from taking that next step.

General Manager Bryan Colangelo believes they need another piece too, but doesn’t think that it necessarily needs to come from free agency.

“I’m going to agree with the sentiment that we need to add something to get better,” Colangelo said during exit interviews via the Philly Voice. “But with respect to adding, I’m going to say talent, not free agent, because talent comes in many forms. Talent comes in possible trades, possible free agency, and both options loom with cap space and flexibility. If the right deal comes along, we’ll certainly pursue it.”

The Sixers currently have the 10th pick, and if what Colangelo is saying is true, there might be a chance that they trade away this pick. The Sixers are currently built for a win-now mode, but they are also built for a long run in the future. It might make sense for the Sixers to trade away that pick for another guy who is a good veteran that will fit well on that team next year.

In this draft, the 10th pick maybe has a 50/50 chance of actually being a solid NBA Player, so if the Sixers can get a solid player with that pick, it might be the way to go.