Sixers news: Charles Barkley credits Moses Malone for having biggest influence on his career
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Sixers legend Charles Barkley credits Moses Malone for having biggest influence on his career

Charles Barkley, Moses Malone, Sixers

Charles Barkley is one of the best players to ever don a Philadelphia 76ers jersey, and he thanks another Sixers legend for helping him improve his game.

Philadelphia, who drafted Barkley in 1984, recently honored Sir Charles by putting up a statue of him in front of the Sixers’ training facility. While Barkley thinks the status is way too skinny to be him, he did appreciate the franchise’s tribute to him.

However, the Hall of Famer claimed that he wouldn’t have made the jump in production that he did if it wasn’t for Malone’s words for him.

Barkley entered the league in 1984 as an athletic anomaly. He was definitely girthier than his contemporaries like Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon. However, he managed to run as fast as his colleagues and hold his own.

However, the rise in production between his rookie and sophomore season was noticeable. The spike in shot attempts that he had in his second season (13.0 from 9.5), as well as his improved field goal percentage and rebounds, saw him become one of the best undersized power forwards in the history of the game.

Barkley was also lucky to have learned from one of the best in Big Mo. Malone averaged around 24 points and 12.5 rebounds during the two years he played together with the Auburn product.

Nowadays, Barkley is considered as one of the best to ever set foot on the hardwood. That feat may not have been possible if Malone didn’t urge him to live better. Sir Charles has him to thank for his Hall-of-Fame career.