Philadelphia 76ers center Dwight Howard has struggled his whole career from the charity stripe, but the one-time NBA champion has a new free-throw routine that he sported on Wednesday against the Boston Celtics.

As can be seen, Dwight Howard was standing way behind the free-throw line, closer to the circle, and proceeded to shoot both free throws just like that.

The big man shot just 51.4 percent from the line last season with the Lakers, and that was his worst mark since 2014 with the Houston Rockets. Howard has gotten off to a bit better start this year, shooting 52.9 percent with the Sixers.

However, Howard sports a 56.5 percent career mark from the line, so improving that aspect of his game isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Social media had a field day with Howard's new “technique,” and perhaps the Sixers big man didn't realize he was standing so far back–although it certainly seems like he knew where he was standing.

Was it an accident? Or is this something Howard planned and practiced?

If standing behind the free-throw line is going to help Howard make his shots, more power to him. If the Sixers center did this on accident, he will watch the tape later and laugh it off and go back to his normal free-throw antics.

Nonetheless, Howard sank the first one and missed the second, all while getting some laughs and surprised looks from everyone on the court.

Let's see if Howard continues his new free-throw strategy, or if he steps a little closer to the basket the next time around.