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It’s that time again for Sixers star Ben Simmons to have shooting videos to go viral

Sixers, Ben Simmons

In a summer tradition that has become less and less surprising to see, we have viral videos of Ben Simmons shooting a basketball. The Sixers have yet to decide what exactly they are going to do this offseason with the all-star guard/forward but, that doesn’t mean tradition goes away.

The video is exactly what it looks like. Ben Simmons makes two three-pointers, back-to-back, the video is posted and people go wild. It’s actually a savvy move by Simmons but it’s super unlikely the Sixers or anyone for that matter, take the bait.

It’s these kind of videos with Simmons that go viral every summer and there is usually a sucker that will write or talk about how this upcoming year is the year the Sixers’ all-star takes the next step and starts shooting from the perimeter. But it never happens.

There’s a case to be made that Simmons strictly puts these out at this point as a complete troll job. Obviously the Sixers aren’t buying into them or Simmons anymore so what’s the point? Even if Simmons has nothing to do with them being spread across Twitter he is aware they are being recorded to send out to the masses.

Unless he really believes everyone should be awed by back-to-back three’s going on? That’s a hard sell to make at this point.

As the drama between the Sixers and Ben Simmons continues on we should all at least appreciate that the Philly guard didn’t break tradition and had the video for this summer pushed out.