Rumors are swirling about James Harden and his reported openness to a potential return to the Houston Rockets. While the news itself on the Philadelphia 76ers guard is surprising, what's not surprising is the outpouring of reactions on Twitter over the possibility.

A few Sixers reporters weighed in on the Woj bomb dropping before the Christmas game slate. While there are many ways to look at the news, one thing for certain is that James Harden isn't without alternatives given his ability to opt out for next offseason.

It's fair to wonder where the leak came from (and whether it was James Harden's camp who initiated it all in the first place) but the timing of it is pretty curious given that the Sixers are playing relatively well and the season is far from over. Perhaps the added spotlight of the Christmas slate was a factor in all this? Maybe this is simply the first of a season-long narrative that will hang over Philadelphia and how far they get this season.

While the implications for the Sixers are serious ones, you can't fault NBA Twitter for bringing the memes. One fan is blaming it on the frigid temperatures. Harden may have a beard to keep his face warm, but he's been used to much warmer climates in Houston during his decade-long run with the Rockets.

It's clear he's feeling frosty given what he wore to Madison Square Garden for the Sixers' Christmas showdown against the New York Knicks. You wouldn't even know it was him.

There will truly be a big winner if James Harden does decide to go back to Houston – and it's not the Rockets fans, folks.