If Jimmy Butler wanted to impress his new team — and believe me, he certainly does — then he appears to absolutely be on right track.

Christmas came early for the entire Philadelphia 76ers organization as Butler reportedly handed out dozens of Air Jordan sneakers to literally everybody on the team.

It is no secret that Jimmy Butler butted heads with his former teammates during his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he did not part on the best of terms with his old team. Well, it looks as though Butler wants to put that behind him and start anew with the Sixers.

As it turns out, one of the things he has done to get in his new team's good graces is through his unmatched generosity. While it may come off as tacky for some, you probably won't share the same sentiment had you been on the receiving end of a new pair of Jordan kicks.

More importantly, though, Jimmy Butler has been killing it on the court. He hasn't missed a beat since making the move to Philadelphia, and he has been instrumental in the team's recent surge.

Since his arrival, the Sixers have won six of their last eight games. The team is now 15-8 to start the season and sitting in the third spot in the Eastern Conference. Jimmy Butler appears to be enjoying life with the Sixers, and at the moment, the affection is very much reciprocated.