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Sixers’ Jimmy Butler heard yelling inside locker room before team returned from replay vs. Bulls

Jimmy Butler, Brett Brown, Sixers, Bulls

It appears that Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard Jimmy Butler and head coach Brett Brown are still plodding away at establishing their player-to-coach relationship.

Before returning back onto the floor in the late stages of the team’s Wednesday night matchup against the Chicago Bulls, Butler was seen (with Brown just steps away) directing ire after a go-ahead Zach LaVine layup with 0.5 seconds left.

When the Sixers went back to the bench to draw up a last-second ploy, Butler issued a suggestion, per Tony Gill of 670 The Score.

“We better draw up a better f-ng play if we do,” Butler was heard saying from the bench.

The play, which ended up being a feeble inbound lob from Ben Simmons to Butler that was immediately erased at the rim, put the Sixers on the wrong end of the 108-107 defeat.

Butler, of course, was less than pleased with the frustrating outcome.

“We didn’t do what we were supposed to do down the stretch,” Butler told reporters following the game. “We got comfortable a little bit. We got away from what we said we were going to do, and, once again, the opposing team did their job.”

Butler recorded 22 points in just the second time squaring up against the Bulls since being traded during the 2017 NBA Draft to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Since arriving in Philly last November, Butler and Brown have been avidly trying to find a way to make their star lineup function — and function consistently while minimizing the hitches.

They will look to continue figuring that out through the final slate of games leading up to the postseason.