The Philadelphia 76ers are in trouble. The Milwaukee Bucks have landed Damian Lillard, the Boston Celtics capitalized on that move by getting the Portland Trail Blazers to reroute Jrue Holiday to them and the Sixers are left with no options to bolster Joel Embiid's supporting cast. Oh, and Embiid's main co-star absolutely hates the organization right now.

The Sixers' offseason plans were dependent on what James Harden would do. Since he didn’t get the contract he hoped for, he opted into his player option and asked for a trade. He didn’t get it and went scorched earth against the front office, which has opted to preserve cap space for next offseason and only trade Harden if the right deal comes around.

In classic Embiid fashion, he reacted to the Celtics landing Holiday on Twitter (or X, whatever) in a way that stokes even more fear into the fan base over the team's future. He even removed the “Tro-el” from his Twitter name.

Mentally, Sixers fans are preparing for Embiid to request a trade. The roster around him isn’t as strong as those of the Bucks and Celtics and eventually, it seems like Embiid will get fed up and ask to go to a team that can better allow him to compete for a title. Embiid has yet to push that button right now and remains in good standing with the franchise but the concerns that he eventually will hit it continue to loom.

The Sixers can try to salvage the situation by trading Harden to the Miami Heat, who still seek an upgrade and couldn’t pull off a Lillard trade. Even then, it's tough to imagine that Philly can come up with a trade good enough to get the team on par with Boston and Milwaukee. Philly’s remaining title hopes are in serious jeopardy if they aren’t already gone.