Sixers news: Joel Embiid could not understand what's behind Russell Westbrook's angst
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Joel Embiid could not understand what’s behind Russell Westbrook’s angst

Joel Embiid

The Oklahoma City Thunder got the win over the Philadelphia 76ers, but OKC star Russell Westbrook wasn’t really happy with Sixers big Joel Embiid.

Westbrook received a hard foul from Joel Embiid as he was going for a fastbreak basket in the 1:46 minute mark of the fourth quarter. Russ was down on the floor for close to 10 seconds before standing up to confront Embiid.

After the game, Westbrook said that he felt Embiid ‘added a little extra’ to in that foul and that’s what made him livid. When asked if he is cool with the Sixers’ star, Russ said ‘f–k no.’

Embiid was later asked about the said play, and he told NBA reporter NBA Malik that he was confused about Westbrook’s reaction.

“I don’t know. I think I was going for the block and I think he lost the ball, but I was already in the air so… I don’t know why he was mad. He’s always in his feelings.”

Embiid, one of the most physical players in the league usually likes to get under the skin of his opponents. However, it was clear that that wasn’t the case in the play involving Westbrook.

So if they’re not cool with each other, what’s going to happen if they become teammates in the All-Star game?