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Joel Embiid gets message from Kobe Bryant

Joel Embiid Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is a Los Angeles Lakers legend who still commands respect throughout the league and on Friday, he passed a message along to Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid. His message was simple and direct: He just wants the Sixers’ star to keep working.

Embiid penned an article for The Players’ Tribune in which he talked about a wide range of topics. He discussed how he learned how to shoot, how he obsessively watched tape of Hakeem Olaujawan, and how he almost quit basketball.

But he also detailed his conversation with Kobe Bryant, following the Mamba’s final game in Philadelphia and it’s clear that the two still share a bond. Kobe told Embiid to keep working when they spoke in Philly and that’s exactly the sentiment he reiterated in his tweet.

Kobe has a connection to Philly dating back to his birth. He lived in Philly until he was six years old. His father, Joe Bryant spent four years with the Sixers.

Embiid has all the talent in the world and if he follows Kobe’s advice, he’ll become one of the great ones. That’s how Kobe thrust himself into the conversation of the all-time great players. His desire to improve and his drive to win bordered on the obsessive. It’s part of the reason why Kobe was such a tough teammate to play with.

If Embiid can emulate Kobe’s steadfast commitment to improving his game, the sky is the limit for the outspoken big man. And much like Kobe, Embiid seems like he’s capable of holding a grudge.