Philadelphia 76ers fans are not happy after Joel Embiid's MVP odds dropped due to his absence in their showdown with Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets.

To recall, Embiid missed the Monday meeting due to a calf injury. In his absence, Jokic took all the spotlight and exploded for a monster triple-double of 25 points, 17 rebounds and 12 dimes in Denver's 116-111 win. Many accused Embiid of ducking the game against Embiid, with Nuggets fans mocking the Sixers star and questioning his MVP credentials.

A day later, the MVP odds shifted once again, with Jokic retaking the lead. While many NBA fans feel it's only right considering the Nuggets' recent streak and Jokic's performance, Sixers fans couldn't help but complain about the sudden swing. After all before Philly's recent slump–and even amid it–Embiid was putting up big numbers for the squad.

“Embiid had 46 points against the Warriors just the other day. Don’t see why the odds went up so drastically. Embiid is putting up insane ppg this year, not to mention he’s a better defender than Jokic,” one Philly fan wrote.

“A little surprised at how much the @NBA MVP odds have moved towards Nikola ‘Joker' Jokic after The fumble from Philly,” another Twitter user wrote.

A third commenter wrote, “I think Embiid should’ve played but the odds changing this much shows they were looking for any way to give Jokic the MVP.”

“Jokic missed Bucks game both at #1 seed… Did that affect his MVP? Nope. Not Embiid fault the team held him out. It’s bad he missed the matchup but you give Jokic favorable odds for barely getting by the Harden/Embiid less is laughable. Embiid dropped 45 the other night,” a fourth supporter said.

Joel Embiid has yet to address the sudden change in MVP odds, though based on his comments in the past, he wouldn't be too happy about it.