Right after the Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday, the news of Seth Curry testing positive of COVID-19 mid-game broke out. That has created a ton of speculation and uncertainty. Joel Embiid is part of this story. As of writing, only Curry has tested positive for the virus as both the Sixers and the Nets will be undergoing quarantines and tests.

Per Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, Joel Embiid isn't taking chances and plans to self-quarantine himself from his family until the dust settles. Embiid sat next to Curry while he was still on the Sixers' bench prior to the team learning the results of his coronavirus test.

Shelburne's tweet was a follow-up report to Adrian Wojnarowski's initial report that the Sixers only learned of Curry's test results mid-game. Curry, who was initially sitting out the game due to an ankle issue, was seen wearing a mask on the Sixers' bench. The team facilitated Curry's isolation and departure from the arena immediately after learning of the results.

She also added that the entire Sixers team would have to stay in New York for the night and proceed with their daily testing on Friday. Their next game is at home against the Denver Nuggets on Saturday.

Embiid isn't taking any chances. Given that social distancing is quite hard to implement in team's bench in-game, the 26-year-old is being extra cautious to prioritize his family's safety. The three-time Sixers All-Star, who has a three-month-old son, has no plans of heading home to be with his family until he is 100% sure that he did not contract the virus from his teammate.

The Sixers have become the COVID-19 epicenter of the NBA this week. The Houston Rockets had been the primary COVID-19 source of alarm in the league in late December, but now in early January, that baton has been passed. Other teams will try to avoid the situations the Rockets and Sixers have faced.