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Joel Embiid takes shot at Willie Reed, referring to him as ‘what’s his name’

Joel Embiid, Willie Reed

Tempers flared between Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid and L.A. Clippers big man Willie Reed when Reed delivered a hard foul on Embiid, which was assessed as a Flagrant 1. Embiid and the Sixers eventually got the last laugh as they won 109-105 on the back of Embiid’s 32 points and 16 rebounds.

One would’ve thought that Reed’s foul was enough to keep his name in Embiid’s mind for quite some time. As it turns out, though, the Sixers big man couldn’t even think of it after the game.

Embiid has been ready and willing to get into beefs with opposing big men this year. Hassan Whiteside and Andre Drummond are two such examples. But apparently, Reed isn’t quite good enough to be worth beefing with, or even to get a shoutout by name from “The Process.”

To be fair to Embiid, not many people will likely know who Reed is. The 27-year-old is playing just his third year in the league and is on his third different team. He’s nothing more than an overmatched backup big man.

Reed’s low profile will likely see a slight uptick after the rough foul he committed on Embiid. Unfortunately, though, that doesn’t include Embiid, who could care less about Reed’s name.