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Major Ben Simmons twist has him on verge of reporting to Sixers

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It seemed like a foregone conclusion that Ben Simmons wouldn’t be returning to the Philadelphia 76ers ever again. Instead, the drama has taken a sharp turn and now could see Simmons back with the Sixers and reporting to the team.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the possibility of Simmons flipping the script and reporting to the Sixers is on the rise.

The fascinating angle of this report outside of the bombshell of Simmons potentially showing up is that the plan for the Sixers remains in trying to trade Simmons away. Perhaps that is now just fluff being thrown out by Philadelphia and the real goal may be to bring back Simmons and run it back with he and Joel Embiid.

Everyone knows the story by now with the disappointing exit from the playoffs last season and Simmons and Co. being booed off the court in Philly after the Sixers were eliminated by the Atlanta Hawks. Simmons was woeful in the postseason on the offensive end and it led to all the chaos this offseason that appeared to be leading down a road where Simmons would never be returning to the franchise.

Now, an audible might be getting called. The intrigue is in wondering if there will be any awkwardness and how Simmons will be received by Sixers fans if he does indeed decide to show back up and play this thing out in Philly.

Another twist in what has been an exhausting process so far throughout the summer.