James Harden might be stuck in Philly for the foreseeable future. The Philadelphia 76ers star's trade request has gone nowhere. After all of the bridge-burning he did and the shots he took at Daryl Morey, he might have to come back to the team. After being able to force his way out of other situations, Harden is now going to have to play for a team that he doesn't want to play.

It's no surprise, then, that Harden became the talk of town after it was reported that a trade was going nowhere. Kevin Garnett and Matt Barnes ripped into the Sixers star, insinuating that just because he was able to get out of his situation before doesn't mean he'll be able to do it again. (video via ClutchPoints)

“Matt Barnes: “I think James [Harden] has to be careful because the NBA doesn’t need him.””

“Kevin Garnett: “When you wiggle your way out, you only got one or two wiggles. You ain’t got infinite wiggles.”

It's harsh, but it's true. As James Harden ages, he won't be able to force his way out of teams any more. There's a simple reason for that: teams are less likely to break the bank for him. The Sixers could trade Harden, but they wouldn't want to deal him for pennies on the dollar. He just won't net the haul that Philly would want, thus disincentivizing them from trading Harden.

The Sixers will now likely go into the 2023-24 season with James Harden in tow, whether he likes it or not. Can the two sides mend this relationship, or is this messy situation about to get a whole lot messier?