Sixers news: Tobias Harris accompanies Boban Marjanovic to 'John Wick 3' premiere
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Tobias Harris accompanies Boban Marjanovic to ‘John Wick 3’ premiere

Sixers, Boban Marjanovic, Tobias Harris

Sixers teammates Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic saw their 2018-19 season come to a disappointing end, as they were defeated by the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Despite that fact, the two friends came together in Los Angeles this week for the premier of John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parebellum.

Marjanovic and Harris are fans of the John Wick series, but the reason they were in attendance at this premier goes beyond fandom. In fact, Marjanovic actually has a part in the new film. The 7’3″ center plays the role of an assassin who gets into a fight with Keanu Reeves.

The fight scene takes place inside of a dimly-lit library, where Marjanovic is seen kicking John Wick in the chest. After taking the brunt end of the blow, Wick then responds by smashing the edge of a book into Boban’s face and neck repeatedly.

Image via Lionsgate and Uproxx:

Boban Marjanovic and Keanu Reeves fight scene in John Wick 3 via

Boban got his shot in, but Wick had the last word in this fight scene.

John Wick 3 director Chad Stahelski opened up about his decision to cast Boban in an interview with

“I know literally zero about basketball,” Stahelski said. “But I’m talking to one of our producers who’s this huge basketball fan, and he says, ‘Look, I think I got the guy. He’s this [Serbian] guy who’s done commercials and he’s like 7-foot-8 and he’s got the biggest hands in the NBA. Trust me.’ And based on how excited he was, I was super-interested.”

It’s a fitting role for “Bobi,” as he’s come to be known. His sheer size makes him a formidable assassin character. Whether or not he’ll be asked to play a part in future films remains to be seen, but he’s clearly happy to be a part of this one, albeit in a small role.

Harris and Marjanovic have developed a close friendship over the years, so it only seems fitting that they would attend this premier together.

John Wick 3 is set to hit theaters nationwide on May 17th.