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What makes Dwight Howard a ‘rare’ talent for Sixers, per Doc Rivers

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After all the ups and downs in his 16-year professional career so far, Dwight Howard finally won a title last season. But apart from a Larry O’Brien trophy on his resume, what impressed Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers the most was how the big man rejuvenated his career.

Rivers acknowledged how much of an asset Howard is after the team signed him this offseason. The former Los Angeles Clippers coach specifically pointed out how Dwight was able to navigate through the trials and tribulations in his career.

For Rivers, such quality makes Howard a “rare” talent in the NBA and for the Sixers

“It’s not bad having championship guys on your team,” the new Sixers coach explained said with a smile, per Ky Karlin of USA Today. “Let’s just put it like that and veteran guys that are over themselves. Danny came in the league that way. He’s always just kind of fit in. Dwight has grown that way. The thing I’ve been so impressed with Dwight, it’s rare that a guy can go from the guy, superstar, MVP, in the MVP category every year to being a role player and wanting to help everybody else and that’s what he’s doing.”

Howard caught everyone by surprise when he inked a one-year, $2.6 million deal with the Sixers. After all, moments before the announcement, Howard tweeted out that he’ll be back to help the Lakers defend their title.

Recently, he revealed that he actually never got an offer from the Lakers. However, Dwight Howard did receive a call from Rivers, who said that he wanted the big man to be part of his Sixers squad.