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RUMOR: Ben Simmons’ savage trade message to Sixers

Sixers, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is not letting up. Amid all the trade rumors surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers want-away star, Simmons is apparently still doing everything he can to force a move away from the Sixers.

According to ESPN insider Brian Windhorst, Simmons recently sent the Sixers organization a clear message about the role he intends to play as the team tries to find a suitable trade partner. Unsurprisingly, the former Rookie of the Year has no intention of helping Philly out (h/t Marc Farzetta on Twitter):

Clearly, Ben Simmons isn’t messing around. The Sixers have reportedly slapped a ridiculous price tag on their star point guard, which many believe is the reason why opposing teams have been unwilling to negotiate a trade deal with them. In his mind, Simmons believes that this is not his problem at all and that the team should figure things out themselves.

Windhorst also brings up an interesting point about Simmons’ rumored intention to sit out training camp. He’s reportedly set to lose millions of dollars in fines if he opts to do so, but based on the tidbit above, it appears that Ben Simmons has more than enough money to spare. He’s basically going to be paying back the Sixers with their own money, and while this is still going to be a significant loss for the former Rookie of the Year, it looks like he’s willing to do so just to make his point loud and clear — if it isn’t already.