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Rumors: Ben Simmons willing to go nuclear to force trade from Sixers

Sixers, Ben Simmons

The continued drama between the Sixers and Ben Simmons and what they plan on doing gets more fascinating by the day.

Kendrick Perkins of ESPN hopped on The Jump and per Sixerswire.usatoday.com, Perk discussed what he is hearing from the Simmons side of things as it pertains to how he views the Sixers.

“Ben Simmons is not answering the phone calls, he don’t wanna be with the 76ers and from what I heard, he’s willing not to report to training camp. and will go as far as it takes to get out of Philly so I say where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” – Kendrick Perkins on The Jump.

There was clearly a lot of tension at the end of the postseason between the two sides when the Sixers were eliminated by the Atlanta Hawks. Simmons struggled mightily on the offensive side and couldn’t hit a free-throw with any sort of consistency. It led Philly fans to boo and led the front office into opening up trade discussions to send Simmons elsewhere.

Where it is now getting intriguing is that the Sixers still haven’t found a trade to their liking and the draft has come and gone and the bulk of free agency is done with. Many believe Philly’s asking price is outrageous but now it’s Simmons who could hold some of the power if he opts to just skip everything and sit out until he’s traded.

It’s possible the 76ers are still debating whether or not to bring back Simmons and try to mend the fracture or not. With him reportedly willing to sit out until he’s traded while ignoring everyone, all those plans might be changed.