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Sixers considering keeping president Bryan Colangelo

Bryan Colangelo

The Philadelphia 76ers are internally still considering keeping president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo under his current role, according to a report by Jon Johnson of KYW 1060 Philadelphia.

While the Sixers have been known to be taking these allegations and the ensuing investigation of five Twitter burner accounts very seriously, they have yet to suspend Colangelo or put him in any administrative leave while the probe takes place.

Colangelo was asked to surrender his mobile phone devices for this investigation and Sixers ownership met last night in New York to decide whether his firing was necessary.

According to Johnson, some suggested his father, Jerry; a reputable executive who has taken some of the highest-caliber NBA jobs and even a major role with Team USA, took part in the meeting — but that would be an outright conflict of interest and an aberration in itself.

“Many are suggesting Jerry Colangelo was present for this meeting, but that would be insanely foolish. Question is, who in that group is still uncertain?”

The Sixers are only two weeks away from the draft, and based on previous surveys of NBA players, most wouldn’t trust Colangelo, even if he was found innocent.

The original report from The Ringer suggested Colangelo operated these burner accounts due to a storied “thin-skinned” nature, but the investigation later focused on his wife, Barbara, after a Twitter user found out a connection between the accounts and his wife’s phone number,

The Sixers will have to decide his fate as soon as possible with a lot on the line and a collective reputation to protect.