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Video: Baron Davis calls Joel Emiid ‘his ‘son’

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid is known outside the court as one of the most entertaining figures in all of social media. His playful antics have been something his followers look forward to seeing whether it may be on Twitter, Instagram or SnapChat. Just recently though, he may have found his match when it comes to being hilarious as well.

A clip of Baron Davis is currently making its rounds on the internet, where he can be seen being groomed. He then shows that Embiid is just beside him also getting touched up by a makeup artist, and announcing that he has a son, who turned out to be the All-Star big man of the Sixers. They share a few laughs together, as he said he is lucky to have a child who is as good as Embiid is as a basketball player.

After last playing in the NBA following the 2011-12 season, Baron Davis still often makes appearances on T.V., and gives his take on different stories that are being talked about in the league. He has also been part of the Uncle Drew series, where he also hides behind prosthetics and a lot of makeup, to disguise himself as an old man, who can still school young guns inside the basketball court.

It will be interesting to see if Joel Embiid will come out with a response to the hilarious video Davis made. Based on his track record, it wouldn’t come as a complete surprise if he does, and should once again bring a lot of laughs to his fans.