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Video: Sixers’ Ben Simmons shows off his jumper in workout

Ben Simmons, Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers point-forward Ben Simmons showed off his jump shot in a workout.

As observed, Simmons casually knocked down shots from deep, drained fadeaways and pull up shots. For those who have seen the Sixers All-Star play, rarely does he take such type of shots. He usually works from the post and scores via tear drop layups. On fast break opportunities, he takes it strong to the hoop and dunks it with force.

His foes have taken advantage of this hole in his offensive arsenal. Whenever Simmons has the ball, his defender can safely sag off of him knowing that he’ll never take the shot. But even if he does, he’ll likely brick it.

Fans have caught on to this too, as usual. Simmons has been the target of several memes and spoofs that are all over the web. Last summer, the great Kobe Bryant even said that Simmons should fix the mechanics of his shot. Surprisingly, the 23-year-old parried Bryant’s advice and said that he doesn’t need to tweak his shot.

Simmons withdrew from the Australian men’s national basketball team that will play in the FIBA World Cup to focus on his game for the upcoming season, and it seems he’s really determined to improve his game for the Sixers.