Sixers video: Shoeless JJ Redick loses shoe, hits 3-pointer anyway
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Video: Sixers’ JJ Redick loses shoe, hits 3-pointer anyway

J.J. Redick

Philadelphia 76ers guard JJ Redick had one of the most interesting 3-point conversions in recent memory as the Sixers were playing the Miami Heat Monday night.

JJ Redick came up big time for the Sixers in their victory over the Heat. He had 25 points and three assists. The Sixers defeated the Heat 124-114. This win is coming off the day when the team officially announced the acquisition of Jimmy Butler.

JJ Redick has been one of the key pieces in helping Philadelphia become a contending team in the Eastern Conference. His three-point shooting has been a huge spark to the team since he signed with them last summer. He shot 42 percent from three last season.

With Butler coming into the fold, it’ll be interesting to see how the Sixers shake up their starting lineup. As of now, Redick has been starting at the small forward position. It is quite possible that he remains in that same starting position, and they’ll have Markelle Fultz coming off the bench.

Nonetheless, it is a problem the team seems to be okay having with. JJ Redick should be getting more wide open shots when Butler is with the team, which means his three-point shooting percentage could be on the rise.

This team is lacking three-point shooting, and with Redick as the only long-distance threat in Philadelphia right now, it is key to keep feeding him behind the arc.