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Joel Embiid’s cringeworthy version of Ed Sheeran hit song at concert

joel embiid

Philadelphia Sixers stud Joel Embiid is unquestionably one of the fastest rising stars in the NBA today. However, as proven by his recent activity on his Instagram account, the Sixers big man apparently does not have the same level of talent when it comes to singing.

Embiid attended Grammy Award-winning artist Ed Sheeran’s concert in Philadelphia on Wednesday and appeared to have had an absolute blast. Along with the thousands in attendance, the 24-year-old also shared snippets of the concert on his Instagram stories. However, what made Embiid’s uploads much more appealing is the fact that we have him singing his heart out in the background.

Sheeran surely knows how to work a crowd, and it looks like the entire stadium was enchanted by the singer/songwriter’s serenades. Embiid was no exception. In fact, the Cameroonian was so moved by Sheeran’s crooning that he could not help but to passionately sing along.

That evening, Embiid was not the Sixers cornerstone star we have all grown accustomed to. Instead, he was just one of the thousands in attendance that were swept at their feet by Sheeran’s superb talent. Unfortunately for Embiid, his singing voice is not exactly as pleasant as he appears to think so.

Given his sub-par (at best) renditions, it would be safe to say that Embiid would be better off if he just sticks to basketball. Singing is obviously not one of his God-given talents.